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5 Tips for camping in hot weather!

Camping on scorching hot days is always a hassle and very uncomfortable for everyone but who doesn’t love traveling all year round! Summer can be fun and enjoyable if you prepare right. Here are 5 tips to make your trip more relaxing and pleasant on those hot 30o days.  Pack the right items – Pack wet towels […]

Why I always hate the first week of camping 

My non-camping friends when I tell them we’re going away with our campervan and toddler:  “Oh how relaxing, have a lovely holiday!”   Is it relaxing?  Some of the time.  Is it a holiday?  About as much as backpacking is a holiday.  Or a stopover in a random city.  It can be the time of your […]


We’ve now spent a total of 12 months (on and off or we wouldn’t have a job!) with our toddler in our campervan.  Some of the time I wished we’d stayed home.  Some of the time I had to admit the way we travelled ‘before’ had to change.  It was tough but when we made […]


One thing you probably already know about the Achtung Camper team, we prefer free/national park camping – and there’s no-where else in the world that it is easier to do this in than in Australia.    Having said that, a great paid campground during a quiet camping period can beat a free camping spot anytime – […]

The differences between the TDI400 and TDI450

Recently VW brought out yet another new model for our beloved T6 – the TDI450.  What is the TDI450 and is it worth the $6000 more you pay for this as opposed to the TDI400?  It’s another step up in power and torque (150kw, 450nm) but is more fuel efficient and economical than the others as […]

Healthy camping recipe – MEXICAN BREAKFAST SALAD 

Another great camping recipe that ticks all our boxes, it’s super tasty, super easy and super healthy.  It also includes ingredients that can be bought almost anywhere and are mostly shelf items.     The recipe is from Green Kitchen Travels by David Frenkiel and Luise Vindahl.  Although it’s called a breakfast salad but we’ve made it for lunch and dinner.  When on the road we’ve […]