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Healthy camping recipe – MEXICAN BREAKFAST SALAD 

Another great camping recipe that ticks all our boxes, it’s super tasty, super easy and super healthy.  It also includes ingredients that can be bought almost anywhere and are mostly shelf items.     The recipe is from Green Kitchen Travels by David Frenkiel and Luise Vindahl.  Although it’s called a breakfast salad but we’ve made it for lunch and dinner.  When on the road we’ve […]


This does require a little bit of research pre-trip and you’ll need to invest a short amount of time checking out spots when you arrive at your destination but you’ll be rewarded in knowing you are definitely camping in the best spot there is and can unearth some hidden gems in the process!  Look on google maps before you leave to zoom […]


Stuck with what food to pack for your road trip?  Check out our list below for some inspiration!  Healthy food doesn’t have to be fresh!  Wholemeal or legume pasta  Black rice  Tins of chopped organic tomatoes  Tinned beans (including black beans and refried beans), chickpeas, corn  Tinned tuna (great in a sandwich or wrap for lunch or in […]

Our Personal Packing List

This is our personal camping packing list which I print out each time before we leave and then cross off each item as it’s packed (so as not to forget anything!). It may help you create your own packing checklist or add some bits to yours that are always forgotten! MASTER CAMPING PACKING LIST: Pack […]

Healthy Camping Recipe – Lentil and Cashew Curry with Yoghurt

Did we mention we’re working on a ‘non campervan building but still campervan related’ long term project?  That’s right, some of us at Achtung Camper are pooling together our knowledge and love of healthy cooking, nutrition and campervan living to eventually publish a healthy eating campervan cookbook.  The requirements?  Meals have to be super nutritious, […]

Rolling Solo

Have we told you about the best thing we’ve discovered since our new Helinox Chair (another blog for this product!)?  If you are of female gender and love camping/campervanning and the great outdoors you are lucky enough to be eligible to join just about the best exclusive/inclusive community group in Australia.  Rolling Solo is online, offline […]

No campervans for sale?

Not to worry – our main business is campervan conversion which is the same thing but better as you can choose your conversion features and colour scheme to suit YOUR travelling style.  Contact us to find out how we can help you from the first step of the process to driving your completed campervan away […]