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All about awnings

Awnings – do you need one, when do we use our awning and what options are there? Let’s first discuss the wind out awnings permanently attached to your van such as the Fiamma or Dometic awnings we fit to our campervans. These are handy to have however their use is more limited than most people […]


Looking for a campervan for sale in NSW?   The two main players in Sydney: Frontline and Trakka both sell VW campervans. Your other option if you don’t plan on travelling out of the state is to visit caravancampingsales.com.au and browse through any local options for new or used campervans for sale. Although it’s ok to […]

The New VW T6 Campervan (and how it differs to the T5)

Thinking of getting a new VW T6 Campervan (or buying a VW T6 for a campervan conversion) but want to know the differences between the VW T6 and older model the VW T5? We’ve gone direct to the source and interviewed our local VW salesman to find out, in simple, non-technical language. – Cosmetically the […]

How to buy a campervan in Australia

By the time people come to us for a conversion they’ve pretty much worked out how to buy a campervan in Australia but there are other options available that many might not be aware of. The question of budget really determines what options are available to you when looking to buy a campervan in Australia, […]

Our number 1 Australian camping spot is…

It’s the blog you’ve all been waiting for – our number 1 favourite camping spot of all time! And the winner is…..Green Patch in Jervis Bay, NSW. This oasis is 2 hours south of Sydney, has amazing mountain bike and hiking tracks and the most beautiful beach we’ve ever seen. Picture white sand, green blue […]

How does the leisure battery work in my campervan?

With an Achtung Camper campervan you will be fitted with a second leisure battery to run your campervan electrics from.  This works automatically and ensures that your main car battery will never run flat.    The leisure battery automatically charges whenever the car is running. When stopping somewhere without power for a few days in your […]