Correctly registering your completed campervan

If you get a campervan conversion with Achtung Camper (as opposed to purchasing a completed campervan) you will receive an engineer’s certificate and compliance plate (small rectangle blue sticker) in the mail from our engineer once your campervan is complete.

What is this for? (great question!)

This is to prove to the relevant roads authority in your state that your van is now an engineer approved campervan (and no longer just a ‘passenger vehicle’).

In order for your (new) campervan insurance to be valid (see paragraph below regarding campervan insurance) you will need to take the completed campervan to the roads authority in your state to ‘change its classification from a normal passenger vehicle to a campervan/caravan’.

Each insurance company will have different terms and conditions but with CIL (who we recommend) you have 14 days from when you take out your insurance policy for the vehicle to have its classification changed to that of a campervan/caravan with the relevant roads authority in your state or you risk the insurance policy being invalid.

When visiting the roads authority in your state make sure you have the engineer’s certificate and electrician’s certificate with you and have the compliance plate (small blue sticker) stuck on the inside of the driver’s side front door. The staff member at the roads authority will take the engineer’s certificate and ask to view the compliance plate, plus might have a look through the campervan.

As each state’s roads authority has completely different requirements please give them a call before you visit them (as far in advance as possible) to confirm their requirements and whether they need you to make an appointment. With Vic Roads there is no fee charged and no appointment necessary however in South Australia you must make an appointment and pay a few hundred dollars in fees.

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