How does the leisure battery work in my campervan?

With an Achtung Camper campervan and most other campervans you will be fitted with a second leisure battery to run your campervan electrics from. This works automatically and ensures that your main car battery will never run flat.   The leisure battery automatically charges whenever the car is running and usually only needs about half an hour of the car running to get it back up to a nice point to be able to stay another night somewhere and run all your 12 volt appliances without a problem.

When stopping somewhere without power for a few days in your campervan (or if you don’t have a 240 volt connection in your van) you’ll be able to run your fridge, lights, TV, charge your mobile phone and laptop without a problem. You will be able to stand parked with your van and not turn it on for about 2 days if it’s colder weather and about a day if it’s quite hot. After a certain amount of time if you haven’t started the van and have been running all of these appliances your leisure battery will go flat. You will notice if it’s flat as the internal lights in the campervan will not turn on or will play up when you try to turn them on. The fridge will stay cold for a good 8 hours even if the power is out so this is not something to be worry about.

If you have noticed your leisure battery is flat have two options:

You can either start your car up and run it for 30 minutes or so to re-charge the battery or you can get your solar panels out and connect them which will recharge the battery.

You’ll need to have your solar connected for about a day to fully recharge your leisure battery if it’s completely empty.

If you are free camping and plan on spending longer periods in the one spot we’d suggest getting out your solar as soon as you arrive and placing it in a nice sunny position so you can forget about it and have unlimited power.

If you’ve got a 240 volt connection fitted in your van all you’ll need to do if you start running out of power is plug into a Caravan Park’s 240 volt outlet as opposed to getting out your solar panels.

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