Our Personal Packing List

This is our personal camping packing list which I print out each time before we leave and then cross off each item as it’s packed (so as not to forget anything!). It may help you create your own packing checklist or add some bits to yours that are always forgotten!


Pack the night before:

Books for us
Us: Shoes and clothes, bathers
Layla, nappies, wipes, toys, ball, books, clothes
Tania backpack small
Ronny Layla hiking backpack
Layla’s bike

Pack the morning:

Layla sleeping stuff
Beauty bag with 2 x moisturiser, sunscreen, toothbrushes and paste, small makeup bits, tweezers and nail scissors
Layla food from fridge
Water bottles x3

Get from the shops:

Muesli, Mayo, Tomatoes, Cheese, Bread, Eggs, Tins of baked beans, tuna, refried beans, corn, Chips, chocolate/sweets, corn chips, sour cream, avocado, peanut butter, butter, jam, milk, small vegie juices, tofu, garlic, yoghurt, bean noodles, nuts, honey, tea, banana rusks, Goji berries for Layla.

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