Achtung Camper, and many other campervan dealers offer Toyota, Hyundai and VW Campervans for sale. The Toyota Hiace, Hyundai ILoad, Hyundai Imax and VW Transporter are the most common models you’ll find.

There are a number of factors to consider when you decide whether you want a VW or other model campervan. They are as follows:

Ongoing service

When considering a VW Campervan for sale keep in mind they are more complex to service and it is always preferable to take them to a specialist VW mechanic who has the specific computer software. If you live in a rural area it might be harder to find a suitable mechanic for a European vehicle.

Internal size

A Toyota Hiace is narrower in width which means a narrower bed/OR a double size bed and less cabinetry. The Hyundai will allow you a good size bed and cabinetry along the side however is a Short Wheel Base van, so 30cm shorter in length than a Long Wheel Base Van. This 30cm will not loose you much cabinetry space however may make a difference to the overall spacious feel of your van when inside. VW Transporters come in Short Wheel Base and Long Wheel base options, so always ask which size when looking at a VW Campervan for sale.

External size

Although a longer van may be appealing to some, think about the area you live, parking options and how easy it will be for you to parallel park a Long Wheel Base van in your area. When considering a LWB VW Campervan for sale take the van for a test drive and park to see if you are comfortable with the size before you make the purchase.


When looking at Hyundai campervans for sale keep in mind they have a 5 year mechanical warranty as opposed to the VW campervans for sale which will only have a 3 years mechanical warranty.

Consider where your van will be parked, driven day to day, your driving confidence and mechanics close by before deciding on a Toyota, Hyundai or VW Campervan for sale.