What are your opening hours and can I drop in to check out your vans?

Our showroom opening hours are Monday 10-4pm, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Friday 9-2pm and Saturday by appointment.  If you can’t make it in during any of these times contact us and we will most likely be able to see you anyway outside of these times!

How long does a campervan conversion take?

About 3 weeks depending on your conversion.  If you really can’t be without your vehicle for this amount of time talk to us and we will try to organise a quicker timeframe.

Does our Campervan Conversion come with a warranty?

Yes, we include a 3 year warranty with regular free servicing of your conversion (at 6 months, 12 month and 2 years).  The exclusion on the warranty is the leisure battery which has a warranty of 2 years.

Your campervans are awesome and so well designed. How do you do it?

We use our campervans regularly and believe in ‘testing’ them on a 2 week road trip every time we make a small change.  It’s on these roads trips that we often think of further innovations that would even better enhance the campervanning experience.  Then we get to go on more holidays.  Everyone’s a winner.

What vans to you convert into campervans?

We primarily convert Volkswagen T6 Transporters (SWB and LWB size) ordered through us.  We also convert VW T5 or T6 vans supplied by the client however an additional fee is charged to convert supplied vans.  Please contact us for more information.

But I have a Mitsubishi Delica? Can you help?

Unfortunately not.

How about a Coaster?

Hmmm. No, sorry!  Only new VW Transporters ordered through us.

I’m sure you catch our drift… :>

We want a campervan conversion but don’t have a van, can you help?

We are an LMCT and will purchase your new VW T6 at a reduced price for you.  Even better? we don’t do ‘packages’ so you don’t have to take a whole lot of VW vehicle features you don’t want.  We’ll order you the VW T6 YOU want specifically to your requirements. We do convert supplied vans (VW V5 or T6 only), but charge an additional fee so please contact us for more information if you already have a van.  other van models or VW T6 vans ordered through other dealerships.

How do I get a quote for a new VW T6?

Email us your vehicle requirements (LWB or SWB, diesel or petrol, any extra features such as 4motion, comfort package etc) and we’ll get back to you with a quote for the vehicle if purchased through us.  And yes we will pass on our VW discount!

How is the new VW Transporter (T6) different to the T5?

We also wrote a blog post on this here.

Do you have any used vans for sale?

To view our completed campervans for sale check out our for sale page on this website.

Should I get a LWB or SWB van?

Read our blog post on the subject for a detailed answer!

Which windows do I need in the back of my van?

Another good question.  Watch our very short video which explains the windows we’d suggest getting fitted.  You can get them fitted yourself from a dealer (if you are purchasing your van from a dealership) or at a vehicle accessory shop such as All Vehicle Accessories in Melbourne.  We can also organise to have them fitted for you if you’d like.

How do I choose my own colour scheme for my campervan?

Once you’ve booked in we’ll send you a ‘choose your colours’ form with instructions on how you can view all of the colour possibilities online.  We will then post you out samples in the mail of whatever fabrics and colours you would like to see and you can choose your favourites from!

You can choose from over 9 bright (and neutral!) colours for your cabinetry, a different colour for your benchtop, any colour you can think of for your rock and roll bed/seat and from over 6 neutral colours for interior lining/carpet.

What is the size of your bed?

It’s 1.20 metres x 2.00 metres (about double bed size).

Can I just purchase a rock and roll bed?

You can but we will only supply and fit the bed in a new VW T6 van ordered through us.  Unfortunately we need to install it in the van and can’t sell you the seat as a separate item without installation.  For prices of single items (not a whole conversion) download our Single Item Pricelist.

What is the height of an Achtung Camper with the pop top roof fitted?

It’s just under 2.10 metres for a VW Transporter (an awning won’t change this height).

Can we get a bed for the pop top roof?

Yes, this is an additional extra and has a weight restriction of 150kg.

Can you fit roof racks on the pop top roof?

There is no problem having roof racks installed on your pop top roof.  We do not install roof racks ourself however recommend Pole Position in Geelong for all your bike rack and roof rack needs, plus we can organise pickup and drop off of your van to have the job done.

What is the difference between your pop top roof and the pop top roofs that lift vertically?

Not a quick answer so we’ve written a blog entry – read it here!

I need more information on campervan features/how they work/what I need!

Good point.  Campervanning is complicated business.

We’ve covered pretty much every piece of information on every single feature and vehicle question you might need in our blog on this website.

Here are a few of our most popular…

Do I need solar and when would I use it?

Do I need a pop top roof (it’s a big expense!)?

What’s 12 volt, what’s 240 volt and what’s the difference?! (This is so confusing!)

How does the leisure battery work in your campervan??

How do I get a quote for my conversion?

You can get your own quote for your conversion on our website here by first choosing your camping style then adding and removing features as per your camping needs.

How do I book in for a conversion?

Email us and we’ll send you a booking form with information on how you can pay a $500 deposit to book in your conversion spot.  Alternatively if you already know what VW T6 you would like contact us for a quote and information on how to pay the $2000 deposit to order your vehicle (which will also secure your conversion spot).

What are your payment terms?

When you are happy to go ahead and book in your campervan conversion we require a $2000 deposit to secure your van, we will then order your new VW T6 from Germany and book in your conversion date.  

The balance payment on the vehicle is due when it arrives with us from VW (4-7 months after order date).   

50% of the conversion cost is due 8 weeks prior to the conversion date and the balance due upon pick up of your completed campervan.  

Does your price include gst?


We need finance!

No worries, talk to us and we’ll organise it for you.

We don’t live in Victoria but would like our campervan converted. Can we still get an Achtung Camper and how do we get our van to Geelong?

The majority of our campervan conversions are done for clients interstate.  You can either drive your van down to us or send it down on a truck (costs range from $550 from NSW to $1300 depending on where you live in Australia).  Organising your conversion can be done via email and over the phone.  We can send you samples of all the materials colours you are considering when choosing the colour scheme for your van.

If you are dropping off or picking up your van yourself we can drive you to or from Avalon Airport which is a 30-minute drive from our workshop.  If you would like to be picked up or dropped off please email us your flight number and arrival/departure date/time.

Alternatively if you are catching a plane from Melbourne Airport there is an hourly bus which runs from Geelong Train station (3 minutes walk from Achtung Camper workshop). If you are travelling to or from Melbourne regular trains run from Geelong station (1 hour travel time, trains running every 30minutes -1 hour).

If it’s a NEW van we’ll supply you with a Vic Roads permit which allows you to drive from our workshop to your destination within 7 days via the ‘most direct route’.  If you are wanting to make more of a road trip out of your return drive please let us know as there are other options available.

How do we insure our campervan conversion and how does registration work?

You can swap over your van insurance from normal car insurance to Campervan insurance from the day you are due to pickup your completed campervan.  You can then make sure it’s insured for the full value of the campervan i.e. Cost you paid for the van + conversion.
You also need to take your completed campervan to the relevant roads authority in your state to change its classification from a normal motor vehicle to a campervan/caravan.  Keep in mind you have 14 days from when you take out insurance for the vehicle as a campervan to have its classification changed or the insurance may not be valid.
When visiting the roads authority in your state make sure you have the engineer’s certificate and electrician’s certificate with you and have the compliance plate (small blue sticker provided with the engineer’s certificate) stuck on the inside of the driver’s side front door.  We will supply you with all of these things when you pick up your campervan.
With insurance we generally recommend CIL as they are one of the biggest in Australia and the cheapest – they also have wonderful service.  If you contact them mention our Referrer Number: 44146875 as we are registered with them.  Their number is 1800 112 481 or cilinsurance.com.au

Which T6 vehicle features do I need?

The only feature we consider almost a necessity is the ‘Comfort Pack’.  Essentially you are paying a few thousand dollars for armrests for the driver and passenger, but after thousands of km’s on the road – it will be worth it.

For more info on the Comfort Pack see our blog here:

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