Campervan Suspension Options

Wanting suspension to help navigate those dirt roads?  Your options are as follows:


VW Factory Fitted Options:

1BJ Heavy duty suspension is a reinforced version of the standard springs and dampers for more robust usage (eg semi-regular travel on unsealed roads).  The additional cost for this suspension is $510 and your van will be raised by 20mm.


1BB Rough road suspension is an alternate set of springs and dampers (harder) for even more robust requirements (eg regular travel on unsealed roads).  The additional cost for this suspension is $910 and your van will be raised by 20mm.


Aftermarket off-road suspension:

This option, organised by Achtung Camper includes top quality front and rear Bilstein shocks and Kings springs.  The additional cost for this suspension is $270-0 and your van will be raised by 30-40mm.


Upgraded All-terrain tyres:

How about some off road tyres to match your new suspension?  For an additional charge of $400 we’ll upgrade your standard tyres to Continental Grabber AT3 All terrain.

VW T6 LWB Van Suspenstion

VW T6 LWB Van Suspension



People are often asking, what do WE pack when we go on a campervanning trip? We’ve done it so many times that the food we take camping is pretty much always the same, and allows for easy (and healthy!) meals without having to visit a supermarket for at least 4 days after leaving home. It’s also easy to add fresh meat or seafood to any of these meals if you do happen to stop at some shops on the way (although the meals below are just as yummy as they are).

Dinner Menu:

  • Pasta with tomatoes sauce, garlic, onion and olives + any vegies you have on hand (if any).
  • Pasta with pesto and sun dried tomatoes + any vegies you have on hand (if any).
  • Rice, curry sauce with chickpeas, onion, saltanas + any vegies you have on hand (if any).

HEALTHY-ISH NACHOS (Yes I can justify eating these for dinner with a few beers!)

camping food

Tin of black beans

Tin of refried beans

Corn Chips

Grated cheese

Jar of salsa


We’d also set off with the freezer full of proteins of your choice ie diced chicken, prawns, sausages.







Fresh eggs




Boiled eggs

Block of cheese

Tins of tuna

A few tomatoes


Peanut butter

Tins of baked beans


Packets of pasta

Quinoa or rice

Tins of crushed tomatoes

Coconut milk

A few onions


Tin of chick peas

Jar of sun dried tomatoes

Jar of pesto

Small jars of olives

Vegies that last a while in the fridge in/out of the fridge such as zucchini, sweet potatoe, capsicum.


Salt and pepper

Curry powder



Olive oil

A packet of sultanas


Parmesan Cheese

Packet of marshmallows


Beer and Wine

Comment below with any other items of food to take camping that should be on this list or any good camping recipes!

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Campervan accessories – websites and shops to check out when shopping for your campervan

You’ve got your campervan but now you need the accessories! Where to start?

We’ve put together a list of the best value shops and websites to check out before you start your journey.

This is a UK based VW campervan accessory online shop that has EVERYTHING you need and more. Now with an Australian online shop based in Sydney, they have van hardware to electrical items to the kitchen sink. Literally.


Yes that’s right, Ikea. They have great storage solutions for small spaces plus amazingly cheap bathroom and kitchen accessories, in plastic and other travel safe materials. We’ve picked up amazingly compact clothes racks, magnetic spice rack containers and tiny portable LED alarm clock/temperature gauges just to name a few.

Ikea storage

Ikea storage

BCF, Rays Outdoors and Aussie Disposals

Although Aussies seem to win on price, they just don’t have the range that you’ll find in the other two stores.

BCF is handy when looking for outdoor shelters/tent style marquees to attach to either the side or back of your van.

Rays has a great selection of camping chairs, kitchen necessities and lighting options.


If you pass a Jaycar pop in and check out their range of camping accessories, most being electric. They have some great lighting options and power solutions and can usually help you with any advice you’ll need on getting the right product for you.