These items are often packed and seldom used, so save yourself the regret and storage space for more important bits and pieces by NOT taking the following items on your next camping trip: 

  • That book you bought and never read but think you’ll read it if it sits in your campervan.  Take it to the opp shop instead! 
  • Hair styling appliances.  You can’t use them unless you are plugged into 240 volt power and even if you were, you are camping – who cares how your hair looks! 
  • Too much makeup, too many moisturisers, too many cosmetic products – the less the better, just take the absolute necessities.  No you will NOT need 1 let alone two different lipstick colours or eyeliners!    
  • Too many items of clothing.  As per previous blogs, the beauty of campervan travel is to learn to live with LESS.  Simplicity means less choices in the morning.  If you only have two Tshirts to choose from you can focus on other things. 
  • Accessories for every single hobby you use to define yourself but never have time to partake in.  Will you really have time to go surfing, mountain bike riding, kitesurfing and guitar playing in the two weeks you are on the road?  Choose one or two and save yourself the disappointment that comes with seeing the un-used items in front of you taking up space.  Because there are only a certain amount of hours in every day, and when you are camping some should be reserved for doing absolutely nothing. 

Remember when packing: one of the beauties of campervanning life, the freedom of living simply. 

The always forgotten camping items

Here is a list of the items we always find ourselves without when we get away for a weekend, we may have run out and forgotten to re-pack or forgotten them to begin with but these bits and pieces are undoubtedly always needed on any campervan trip:

  • Bin bags.
  • Plastic zip lock sandwich bags.
  • Dishwashing liquid or better still, one of those Dishomatic sponges where you can fill up the liquid in the handle, saves taking a separate bottle of liquid.
  • Paper towelling or toilet paper.
  • Tea towel.
  • Tea bags.
  • Mozzie repellent or candle.
  • Tupperware containers.
  • Butter/margarine.
  • Tea spoons (not part of our camping cutlery set).
  • ANOTHER towel or sarong (for the beach, for your shower, for laying on the grass, we take 2 per person).
  • Enough warm clothes (a beanie, scarf or gloves is always handy to keep in your van for those surprisingly chilly nights).
  • Surface spray to clean your camping table.

 If you have anything to add to this list at all please email us or comment on this blog!