With Achtung Camper, you can choose the campervan features you want to suit your travelling style. Everything is optional. Right down to the kitchen sink.

Every vehicle is ordered specifically for you, with only the factory options you want and none that you don’t. The cherry on the cake?

You can also choose any type of fabric colour or pattern for your upholstery and from a rainbow of options for the cabinetry to make your campervan uniquely yours. Why buy something that suits someone else’s aesthetic taste or someone else’s way of travelling when you can get your own unique campervan built just for you?

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You can thank our German background for the perfectionism in everything we do from the materials and products we use to the staff that we work with. At Achtung Camper we only use the highest skilled tradespeople, all with relevant qualifications and experience working in a variety of different countries and projects, so we can keep the innovation flowing. What’s more we don’t just hire on skill, all of our staff, from our apprentices to our head cabinet maker have personalities that reflect our core values – friendly, honest, hardworking and authentic.



Here at Achtung Camper we offer PRICE PROTECT on our vans! This is a big win for our customers, and this is on offer on the whole package – vehicle and conversion! If there is a price rise after you place your booking or deposit, we will wear the increase. Volkswagen recently announced that they are removing their price protect, but not us!

Achtung Camper provides a five-year warranty on our campervan and motorhome conversions and pride ourselves on going the extra mile with ongoing after sales assistance, no matter how old your Achtung Camper or who you bought it from. We’ll stay in touch after you drive away and be there for you down the track when you decide you really should have had the projector and move screens installed after all.

We also have three service centre locations: Geelong, Victoria, Sydney, NSW and Burleigh Heads, QLD.  To book in for your campervan service or aftermarket items please email our after sales manager on aftersales@achtungcamper.com.au.

We are proud to build our conversions on Volkswagen and Mercedes vehicles – their five-year unlimited km warranty on their Transporters, Crafters and Vitos is unbeatable, with a vast network of service centres all around Australia.

And lastly, although you are not thinking about this yet…one day a long, long, long way away when you decide your vanning days are over, we’ll help you by utilising our vast potential-client database and getting the word out that your Achtung Camper is For Sale.


All our campervans and motorhomes come with full volume compliance plate approval certification for your state. We have second stage manufacturer approval so have undertaken rigorous testing and government compliance.  Why is this important?  Without certified government approval you are driving around uninsured for your conversion/modifications and are liable for any issues an overweight or unsafe conversion causes on the road.

We also undertake quality control and testing when your van is complete to make sure it lives up to our high standards. What’s more, Achtung Camper’s are built by the people who use them – we drive to the supermarket during the week, to kinder every day, around Australia when we can; with our daughter in the back. We know our most precious cargo in the world is safe in an Achtung Camper.



The best quality products from reputable brands mean Achtung Camper Campervan and Motorhomes will last the distance. Our products are local or European made and are from brands we believe in. Our rock and roll beds are manufactured to our own unique design in Melbourne, our upholstery is sewn in Geelong, our cabinetry is cut in Melbourne, our pop top roofs are imported from the United Kingdom and our plumbing accessories (plus much more) are imported from Germany.


Maxiply’s Birch ply is covered with a smooth melamine film to ensure durability and a high wear and moisture resistance. We love the superior edge detailing that Birch is renowned for.


Utilised on the walls and ceiling of our campervans, this carpet adds another layer to reduce noise and gives a plush, modern finish. It’s non-fray, static neutral, made in Australia and environmentally friendly.



Quality fittings mean your conversion is secured firmer for a longer and safer life. And what better products than those from the world’s leading company in the field of furniture accessories, fittings and locking technology.


All our campervans are fitted with a made to measure wooden floor topped with commercial grade hardwearing vinyl. This double layer helps maintain a comfortable temperature inside your campervan and also improves soundproofing.

Every Achtung Camper owner is different and so are their campervans. All our cabinetry and shelving is cut by skilled joiners, made to measure and fitting with precision.

We import our European style pop top roofs from the UK from a pop top roof manufacturer who has been supplying the best UK and European campervan companies with roofs for longer than we’ve been alive(!).  Gas strut assist means the roof is opened and closed easily and you’ll have no loud rattling from metal springs while driving. What’s more, the European style tilted roof means you’ll have more stability when the weather gets hardcore.


With Achtung Camper, you don’t just buy a campervan or a motorhome, you buy into a community of like minded travellers.

You’ll be invited to our exclusive Achtung Campervanner’s Facebook group where you can chat, make friends and keep up to date with the latest in campervan and motorhome travel. You’ll also get a free membership to the CMCA (Caravan and Motorhome Club of Australia). What’s more, if you are a woman you’ll be invited to our women’s only group Achtung Girls! The possibilities for new friends know no bounds when you buy an Achtung Camper.