Alex’s Camping Essentials

As a relatively new arrival in Australia, I’m still learning the ropes when it comes to my camping essentials. Having hailed from Canada, my camping pack at home tends to look a *little* different than it does in Aus! With all that said, here are some of the things that I absolutely will not camp without, no matter what country I’m in. 

What I pack:

  1. Bug repellant
    I love almost everything about camping, but the one thing I can’t stand is bug bites! They have the potential to ruin the weekend when they get bad. That’s why I’ll always keep a can of bug spray and some essential oils to keep the little guys away!  
  2. Noise-cancelling headphones 
    As someone who likes to hit the hay around 9:00 PM and values her sleep above all else, a good pair of noise-cancelling headphones are a must. If there are lots of families or big groups around and the noise is distracting, I’ll throw my headphones in and put on a sleep story to help me drift off. That way I’m well-rested for the next day’s adventures! 
  3. Salt & Vinegar Chips
    Some may debate this item’s status as “essential,” however I am here to present the argument that they are, in-fact, a must-have. In my mind, camping trips are defined by two things: a solid playlist and some top-notch snacks. I love settling in by the fire and cracking open a fresh bag of chips (or crisps as they’re called over here!). 
  4. Cozy camping chair 
    If you haven’t noticed by now, I am a very big proponent of relaxation on my camping trips. After a day of exploring wherever we’re staying, I want to settle into my camping chair with a book, some music or a glass of wine and just CHILL! A big cozy camping chair is paramount for me!
  5. Good coffee
    A theme here? What theme? Yes, I can be what some might call a “glamper” – but I travel my way! I love nothing more than waking up to fresh air after a good night’s sleep and having my coffee al-fresco outside the camper. Depending on the trip, I’ll bring a little French Press so I can have the perfect coffee every morning. There’s no better way to wake up if you ask me!  

What are your go-to camping essentials?