Because everyone travels differently we’ve got quite a few cooking options so there’s something to suit everyone!  Read about the different options below and find one that’s perfect for you J



A microwave would only be useful if you were planning on doing quite a lot of camping in powered campground spots (so you have 240 volt and can run it!).  Without plugging into a power source, a microwave is useless.

A side note – in such a small space (and especially if you get a SWB and are more than 1 person) you’ll welcome the extra storage cupboard you get if you decide against a microwave (we’ll fit a door to the microwave cavity in the cabinetry so you can use the space for storage).


Primus Kinja Butane 2 burner cooker:

This butane cooker is top of the range, Swedish made and is safer than your traditional gas cooker and also safer than traditional butane cookers due to the fuel source not being directly attached to the cooker itself but connected with a short line.

The other positives:

  • It doesn’t make the bottom of your pots and pans black (as the alcohol run stoves do).
  • The small butane bottles are super small and last weeks (and you only need to purchase the generic butane bottles not the more expensive branded ones). As a result, it doesn’t cause issue having it inside the van
  • It’s super light so at 3kg you can easily carry it over to a nice picnic bench nearby.
  • The easily removable grill make it the easiest cooker to clean that we’ve ever used.


The only negative?  You can’t cook inside with this cooker!


EcoHeat Smart Touch Induction Cooktop:

This is an option for those who want to be able to cook inside but without power.  The higher price associated with this cooker is because we will fit a very large 1600 watt inverter to your van so that this cooker can be used at all times even when you aren’t plugged into 240 volts.

The positives:

  • It can be used inside or outside as it’s very small and light.
  • A grill/ BBQ plate option is available.
  • It doesn’t get very hot but heats up quickly in around 5 minutes.
  • The 1600 watt inverter means you can use this cooker for about 9 meals before you’ll run out of power. The inverter also means you can use all 240 volt power points in your van and related 240 volt appliances when not plugged into power (for example you could use a kettle, hairdryer, microwave etc).


  • It must be plugged into the van when in use.
  • It comes as one plate only.