What is there to do at night on the road? 

 Having recently spent 3 months travelling Europe in our 30-year-old Motorhome I have had the pleasure of meeting many of Europe and the UK’s Grey Nomads (with my on-the-road-for-6-months-a year in laws being my closest travel companions).  No different to the Australian type, I often ponder their top two pastimes once the sun goes down and wonder how best I SHOULD be spending this valuable down time on the road.   

Of course, I must first make the distinction between holiday making campervanners and long term campervanners (who make this a way of life a good part of the year) because of course drinking every night (!) is acceptable if you’re only doing it for 2 weeks a year.   

3 months living in a van however, is over the allotted ‘holiday’ timeframe and is clearly ‘way of life’, which means living like you are on annual leave is not an option (for your liver or the bathroom scales!).  What percentage of Grey Nomads do drink every night (or most nights) to be social, to enjoy the scenery, just for something to do…?  The European Grey Nomads clearly be put into 2 clear categories:  Those who sit outside their van on their camping chair after dinner every night and ‘have a few’ or those that go inside and watch TV.   

Being vaguely healthy (or so I like to think) and being a bit anti-TV I felt that there must be more ways to spend your nights than drinking or in front of the box (although I do understand that when you live in your campervan watching TV after dinner is like being at home and there’s nothing wrong with that!). 

For us, having a little one that goes to bed at 7:30pm meant we are campervan-bound of a night-time, and although we do love a beer or wine I tried to limit this to 3-4 nights a week (honest!).  So what else is there to do when you cant leave your van?  Depends on the weather and your energy levels of course! 

If the weathers good… 

Do some sort of exercise such as a yoga class (there are books, apps or you tube classes) or body weight exercises if you are super motivated (again a plethora of resources available for on the road classes and instruction). 

Do exactly what you’d do inside (don’t get too carried away with that suggestion though!) but take it outside on a picnic rug, camp chairs and table etc.   

@achtungcamper supplied image 

If the weather’s bad… 


Play a card game or board game.  We recently bought a book on card games as we didn’t know any… 


Read a novel or reference book. 


Learn a language on Duo Linguo (a wonderful app). 


Listen to a Podcast. 


Join the website/app previously known as ‘Linda’ now under ‘Linked In Learning’ for online business and self-improvement courses of every topic and duration. 

Have a cup of tea and chat (seriously!) 


Research where you are travelling to next and what you will see there, where you will stay, where you’ll go out for a coffee… 


And when all else fails, we hope you’ve shelled out the extra $ for our Achtung Camper projector and screen for your outdoor or indoor cinema experience.  Just be sure to tell passers by that it’s not TV thank you very much, it’s NETFLIX! 

All images via Pinterest.