Why is our campervan water tank gauge so awesome?

We are super excited about this product – our campervan water tank gauge is the Voltronic Water Gauge.  This product has a 3 colour display and is so accurate that LED lighting on the display gets slightly dimmer as water is used to show in detail and real time as the capacity diminishes.

But why is it so much better than other campervan water tank gauges? It utilises one whole electrode that goes the entire length from the top to the bottom of the water tank so is able to tell you exactly how much water you have left.

Traditional campervan water tank gauges utilise an arm the length of the water tank that is fitted with 5 electrodes along the arm, meaning it is only able to tell you a vague estimate to the quarter as to how much water is remaining in the tank.

For more information on this product check out the website here:

campervan water tank gauge

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