Achtung Campervan Vanning Adventurers – Part 1 Sue Hedley

In May 2016 my life changed forever. I found a beautiful campervan for sale at the right price from Achtung Camper. In the last 3 years I have travelled about 50,000 kms and had a ball. My favourite campsites are at outback stations and of course our amazing beaches.
I love Australia, I love living here and exploring this beautiful and diverse country.
Last year was my biggest trip starting at the Murray with many stops along the way ending in WA at Katherine, and then making my way back home to Point Lonsdale.

New experiences

I had my first ever helicopter ride which was over the Bungle Bungles. Such an amazing experience and I absolutely loved seeing everything from a bird’s eye view.
I have stayed in so many very different places but one of my favourites was Red Bluff Wilderness camp. The drive there was so bumpy I knocked off my water tank valve so had to trade tomatoes for drinking water.
At Port Neill I got a flat tyre… I tried to pump it up with my 12 volt pump but it blew the pump. Just my luck I thought.
My scariest experience? Ggetting chased by a croc at Timber Creek. I highly recommend setting up away from the river and away from the crocs!


One of my favourite things was seeing the cliffs at the Southern Ocean. They were mind blowing!
I also went snorkelling at Coral Bay, it was beautiful, I highly recommend doing this if you are ever out this way. The water was so clear and there were so many amazing fish and coral to see.


I’ve met so many friendly people, I’ve faced mechanical issues, my dog got sick, I got sick, but these were things that also happen when you stay home!   I’ve enjoyed every minute of the long, long drives and have only just started exploring this amazing country.


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  1. Joyce Batchelor
    Joyce Batchelor says:

    Thanks Sue, wonderful, so good to see. We have just returned from a paid guided adventure, Alice to Darwin, with a big loop aroun.
    We saw so few ‘little’ vans out there; glad we will not be the only ones; you have us inspired!
    We are off for 3 months in August, first time such a long trip in a small van, only taken the van for 6 days so far!
    Cheers Joyce and Ted
    Iris Agillis on Face Book


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