Looking for a campervan for sale in Melbourne? We don’t currently know of any companies that have campervans for sale in Melbourne so if you are not up for a campervan conversion your best bet is to visit and browse through any local options for new or used campervans for sale. Although it’s ok to purchase from a private seller, it is always safer to purchase from a dealership if you can.

If you are up for the trip, Achtung Camper is only a short drive away in Geelong, or a 1 hour train trip from Southern Cross Station (and situated 80 meters from the Geelong Train Station).

Ordering is done easily over email and the phone as we are able to post out any samples of material colours you are thinking about in the mail so you can see them in the flesh before deciding on your campervan colour scheme.

To view Achtung Camper’s campervans for sale visit



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