Tips to master minimalist packing

Attention camper! Stop your packing and read this post! Train yourself on how to pack like a minimalist.

  1. The key is to learn the difference between want and need. Make a want pile and a need pile and sort through your items. If you are unsure, it is a non-essential item so should not be packed.
  2. Start getting used to simplicity and become low maintenance, pack multi-functional clothes that you can mix and match and simplify your grooming rituals.
  3. Plan your meals ahead so you utilize everything that you pack and don’t get too  complicated. Celebrity Chef Jamie Oliver recommends using no more then 5 ingredients per meal.
  4. Buy products that are multi-functional like this multi-purpose wash from Kathmandu.  It’s a body wash, shampoo, dishwashing detergent and a laundry powder all in one!

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Embrace the uncomplicated minimalist life, step out into nature and experience true freedom……………..