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4Motion is the fancy name for VW’s all-wheel-drive feature in the Transporter.

In their own words “the Transporter 4Motion model is an all-wheel-drive system which will give extra grip and stability, especially in wet or off-road conditions.”

Mechanical Differential Lock or ‘Diff Lock”: This is an additional feature available on 4Motion Transporters. If you have ‘Diff Lock’ you can press a button when you are in difficult off-road conditions and it will make starting up the car and getting out of the ‘difficult condition’ much easier. In other words, it will stop you getting bogged.

Our opinion: Yes, the 4Motion function will give you more freedom to drive off road and confidence when the road you are on starts looking worse and worse around each passing bend. HOWEVER…The 4Motion will NOT allow you to drive like a 4 Wheel Drive. You cannot do river crossings or drive to your hearts wild abandon. Having said that if you do want to drive rough in your van a SWB is better and a ‘Diff Lock’ will help you make the most out of the 4Motion capacity.

Is it a necessity? Definitely not. It’s great for your driving confidence – are you on a road that is starting to get sandier and sandier? You won’t have to turn around as quickly.

Some things to keep in mind: If you make your mind up you want a 4Motion there will most likely be a wait… you are unlikely to find a used 4Motion and a new T6 4Motion will most likely be a factory order from Germany which take about 5 months (at the time of writing however it may be a shorter lead time in the future).

The 4Motion feature is only available with the larger TDI400 engine. (see my previous blogs for an explanation on what TDI400 means).

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  1. Simon Glen
    Simon Glen says:

    You do NOT have to order a 4-Motion T6 Transporter and wait 5 months. A quick look at the CarSales website today (15 June 17) shows at least three brand new 2017-model T6 4-Motion Transporters in stock with VW dealers in their yards – one in Perth, one in Melbourne and one in Brisbane. Two are LWB and one is SWB. Volkswagen themselves also list at least 7 available in their holding yards across Australia. But, most Australian VW dealers do not list their new vehicles on the CarSales web site. So, there are more. I’m sure Rex Gorell, the VW dealer in Geelong, could have a T6 4-Motion for you in a day or so, if they do not have one in stock. And, a Sydney based campervan manufacturer currently has 2 brand new 2017 4-Motion T6 LWB pop-top campervans available. (There are also many new 2017 T6 4-Motion Multivans available at VW dealers around the country but they don’t usually come with a locking rear differential and are full of comfy seats.)
    Yes, 4-motion full-time four wheel drive is not a necessity. And, yes it is very handy. But, remember the first ever vehicle to reach Cape York was a little 1928 Austin 7 with only two-wheel-drive. Today ‘tough guys’ have do it with their big Toyota Land Cruisers and heaps of expensive modifications. And, likewise many 2-wheel-drive VW Kombis have crossed the Simpson Desert much to the dismay of the big Land Cruiser ‘tough guys’.

    • Peter O'Brien
      Peter O'Brien says:

      The VW transporter van I have is a December 16 model, 2L 4 cylinder 133 kw. I fully appreciate that there are better vehicles to travel this route. I believe timing, patience and common sense is paramount. I could always hire a small aeroplanes and fly above the road and avoid all the issues.



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