Camping Essentials: Bronwyn’s List of Must-Pack

Sales Manager Bronwyn camps with her littlies, so her camping essentials list might look familiar to the parents out there!  Check out her top five essential items for family camping trips.  

  1. An umbrella & raincoat
    The last thing you want to do when it’s pouring rain is run to the loo and get soaking wet! Keeping an umbrella and raincoat on hand will save you in a rainy situation.  These are great for the kids to play in wet weather.
  1. Bug spray & anti-itch cream. 
    These are important to deal with the inevitable mosquito bite. An itchy bug bite can spoil a fun camping trip, so it’s good to have these on hand!  
  1. Ear plugs
    As anyone who’s been camping knows, you’re likely to come across a noisy neighbour or two. A pair of ear plugs will help to ensure that you can sleep through the night if you head to bed a little earlier than your fellow campers! 
  1. iPad with a few downloaded movies
    As a mum, this is a must! It’s essential for those very rainy days when heading out will get you drenched. Some screen time can be a lifesaver for bored kids stuck inside because of the rain! 
  1. Marshmallows
    Because it’s not camping if you’re not toasting marshmallows over the fire! Some drinking hot chocolate and a slab of dark chocolate pair nicely with the gooey treats as well. Nothing tastes better than a small, sweet treat when you are out in the wilderness! 

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