Calling All Coffee Lovers

Calling all coffee lovers! If you’ve ever missed your beloved coffee machine while holidaying in your campervan due to its large size, fret no more! We’ve done the research for you and found the perfect coffee setup that fits just right in your Achtung Campervan. Say hello to the Breville Bambino and Dose Control Pro – the dream team for coffee enthusiasts on the road!

The Coffee Machine: Breville Bambino

We proudly introduce the Breville Bambino, a compact espresso machine that’s just right for your campervan adventures. Please note that the Bambino Plus is a bit bigger and heavier, offering no distinct advantages compared to the Bambino. We prefer the simplicity of the Bambino, especially with its steam wand that allows you to craft the perfect coffee to your taste. Important to note that to use the steamer you will need to plug your campervan into an external power source, although making a straight coffee can be done without it. 

Coffee lovers will appreciate that the Bambino comes with double-walled baskets for the portafilter, specifically designed to work with pre-ground coffee.

The Grinder: Breville Dose Control Pro

For the ultimate coffee experience, consider pairing the Breville Bambino with the Dose Control Pro grinder. It’s a fantastic choice that complements the Bambino seamlessly. However, we advise against the Breville Smart Grinder Pro, as it may be too tall to fit in your cupboards.

For the Dose Control Pro, you’ll need single-walled baskets for the portafilter, available from Breville for $8.95 plus postage. They come in both double and single-shot sizes, allowing you to customize your coffee to perfection.

Creating Your Perfect Cup:

Once you get everything dialled in properly, this coffee machine and grinder combo will produce excellent coffee. The Bambino heats up in less than a minute, utilizing a maximum of 1600 watts, while the grinder operates at a few hundred watts for just a few seconds per shot.

Making Coffee On The Go:

While this setup fits perfectly on the campervan’s benchtop, keep in mind that the coffee-making process can get a bit messy. To avoid any spills inside your van, consider plugging in your coffee station outside and setting it up on a table.

Be Mindful of the Wildlife:

If you’re enjoying the great outdoors, like in the Grampians, keep in mind that the local wildlife might get curious about your coffee setup. Some clever cockies have been known to flip lids off things in search of food!

For coffee lovers who can’t imagine a holiday without their favourite brew, the Breville Bambino and Dose Control Pro are the ultimate campervan companions. Compact, efficient, and easy to use, this coffee setup guarantees you’ll have your perfect cup of joe wherever your adventures take you. So, whether you’re sipping your coffee amidst picturesque landscapes or exploring the open road, this dream team will keep you caffeinated and ready to embrace each new day of campervan exploration. Cheers to your coffee-filled adventures!

Coffee Lovers                                  Coffee lovers                                Coffee Lovers

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