Calling all Coffee Lovers

Coffee lovers this one is for you, have you ever holidayed without your coffee because the machine is too large? Now no need to worry, we have done the research for you to find the perfect size and fit for your Achtung Campervan!

The Coffee Machine: 

We introduce the Breville Bambino, please be aware the Bambino Plus is a little bigger and heavier. the Bambino Plus has no distinct advantages compared to the Bambino and It’s heavier to lift and may be a tighter squeeze in the cupboard. 

We prefer the simpler option of a steam wand as you can make sure you can make the perfect coffee for you. 

Coffee Lovers will note that the Bambino comes with double-walled baskets for the portafilter. These are designed to work with pre-ground coffee.

The Grinder:

If you are going to get a grinder, the Breville Dose Control Pro is great.  Although breville’s other model, Breville Smart Grinder Pro, is too tall to fit in the cupboards.

Coffee Lovers                                  Coffee lovers                                Coffee Lovers

For this, you needsingle walled baskets for the portafilter. $8.95 plus postage from Breville. I believe they come in both double. and single shot sizes.

This combo of espresso machine and grinder makes great coffee once you get it all dialled in properly.

The Bambino heats up in less than a minute and uses max 1600 watts. The grinder is a couple of hundred watts for a few seconds for each shot.

It will all fit on the benchtop inside the van. However, the process of making coffee is quite messy. I prefer to plug in outside and set up on a table.

The cockies at the Grampians have learnt to flip lids off things if there’s a chance of food inside!

What do we think Coffee Lovers?

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