Campervan and Motorhome Conversions tailored to suit YOUR travelling style

Everyone travels differently. That’s why at Achtung Camper we offer campervan and motorhome conversions fully tailored to your travelling style, budget and taste.

Pay only for the features you’ll use on your journey and tailor the cabinetry to your needs.  Best of all, at no extra cost you can be your own interior designer by choosing the colour scheme for your van.

Step 1: Choose Your Van

Choose the VW T6 or VW Crafter you want with your specific vehicle requirements. You don’t need to take a ‘package’ with us!

Order your new VW T6.1 or VW Crafter through Achtung Camper for minimal fuss and maximum support. It’s simple, convenient and you don’t have to deal with any dodgy car dealers. Just email us your vehicle requirements and we’ll provide you with a quote. Pay your deposit and your van is ordered and on its way. Best of all, we don’t do ‘packages’ so you don’t have to pay for a whole lot of vehicle extras you’ll never use.  Already own a VW T6 or VW Crafter for us to convert?  We charge an additional fee to convert supplied vans, please contact us for more information.

Step 2: Choose Your Features

Tailor your campervan or motorhome to your travelling style by choosing only the features you’ll use and none that you won’t!

Our campervan and motorhome conversions are available in three basic conversion packages/layouts which are all starting points for your base conversion. From these starting points you can add and remove campervan features to suit your needs and budget. Get prices and view our campervan conversion options here.

To view a sample floorplan of an Achtung Camper Long Wheel Base Campervan Conversion click here.

There are also lots of images of our different campervan and motorhome conversions, layouts and cabinetry options on our gallery page.

Want an aftermarket van accessory? We can also help with roof racks for your pop top roof, bike racks and much more.

Step 3: Choose Your Colours

Suit your style and choose from an array of colour options for the upholstery, cabinetry, walls, keyline…. The list goes on. Think of the possibilities!

Rock and Roll bed/seat upholstery – visit and choose any heavy domestic or commercial fabric from the yellow or orange price ranges.

Cabinetry keyline – Choose any colour you can think of for the thin line that runs between the bench top and cabinetry beneath it.

CabinetryChoose from one of the following colours for your cabinetry, and another for your bench top.

Interior lining/carpetChoose from a range of neutrals for the walls/interior.

Talk to us about having your campervan or motorhome personalised on the outside to match the unique style of your campervan or motorhome interior.

Step 4: Pick up your completed bespoke campervan or motorhome and enjoy!

More Questions?

Visit our conversion FAQ page for all the answers!

You can also visit our Blog Page for in depth articles on our campervan and motorhome conversions, features and explanations on how things work in our campervans and motorhomes.

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