The Achtung Camper Volkswagen Crafter Motorhome

Our motorhomes are licensed to carry 3 passengers plus the driver.  Sleep 2 in the back on one of the 2 LARGE size bed options plus the option of sleeping a third person in the front cockpit area (with privacy curtain).

Loads of comfortable lounge seating in the back and a massive 1950 x 1700 size bed with the option of an electric OR manual bed in the roof (still 1950 x 1700) if you can’t be bothered making up your bed at night.  Just press the button and down it comes!

And why did we choose the Volkswagen Crafter?  After MUCH COVID19 enforced down time and research we came to the conclusion that we would give people what they want – a quality made vehicle, with a 5 year unlimited km warranty that has the capacity to go truly off road, the right vehicle to match our conversions in functionality and longevity!

To view more information on the Volkwagen Crafter click here.

How does it work you ask?  Just the same as our standard Achtung Camper business model, you choose the VW Crafter van YOU want, to your requirements.  Order it through our friendly and knowledgeable sales team and chat through your campervan feature options as EVERYTHING IS OPTIONAL.   The best thing, we are sticking to our ‘design your own van’ policy and you can be the designer by choosing your own upholstery fabric, ply colours for the cabinetry, carpet lining colour and much more.

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