Camping essentials – the products you need for your trip

So, you’ve taken the first steps in your camping journey by purchasing a caravan or campervan and planning your route but what are the camping essentials?   It’s time to make sure you have the necessary products to enhance your camping experience. Regardless of your destination or camping style, there are a few items you should never leave home without. In this blog post, we’ll highlight some essential camping products that will make your trip more comfortable and enjoyable. Let’s dive in!

1. Camping Chairs:

Invest in two camping chairs that fold together into a thin rod-like shape for easy storage. These chairs are more convenient compared to those that fold in half or otherwise.

2. Fold-Out Bench Chair/Table:

Consider getting a small fold-out bench chair/table for your cooker. This versatile piece of equipment can be found at camping shops like Aussies or Rays. It serves as a platform for your cooker when the table is full or can even act as an extra seat during dinner.

3. Cooking Essentials:

Pack essential cooking items, including a pot, pan, cutlery, and preferably a camping dish set with plastic mugs, cups, plates, and bowls. Picnic sets are also a practical option.

4. Tupperware Containers:

Bring one or two decent-sized Tupperware containers for storing leftovers. You’ll appreciate having a container to keep that delicious pasta from tonight for tomorrow’s meal.

5. Bottle Opener:

Don’t forget a trusty bottle opener to enjoy your favourite beverages while camping.

6. Bedding:

Ensure you have comfortable bedding, such as sleeping bags, pillows, and blankets, to guarantee a good night’s sleep.

7. Board Games:

Add some entertainment to your camping experience by bringing along a board game or two. They are perfect for bonding with friends and family around the campfire.

If you have any additional items to add to this list, we would love to hear from you! Share your camping essentials in the comments below.

Having the right camping products can greatly enhance your camping experience. From comfortable chairs and practical cooking essentials to Tupperware containers for leftovers and entertainment in the form of board games, these items will make your trip more enjoyable. So, before you embark on your camping adventure, ensure you have these essentials on hand. Happy camping!

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