Tania’s Top 4 Camping Hates!

Welcome to our outlet where we express our grievances about all things camping. If you’re seeking positivity or inspiration, or if you’re still contemplating whether camping is your thing, it might be best to close your computer now.

Here are the top 4 things we absolutely HATE about camping:

  1. People who set up right next to you when the whole park is empty.

You’ve purposefully found a camp spot that’s private.  You’ve set up your awning, your table and chairs and your roof is up.  You are just about to take off your clothes!! when….another van rolls up and parks RIGHT NEXT TO YOURS, even though THE REST OF THE CAMPGROUND IS VIRTUALLY EMPTY!  You could turn the music up, you could tell them you’ve got a baby that screams all night, you could pretend to start having a domestic with your partner, loudly.

This annoyed me no end, don’t you go camping for privacy?  To drink beer in your undies?  Then we started free camping in Europe and after a while I caught on, these people want to come and park right next to us for the SECURITY.  They feel like they are safer when there are other people right next to them, watching over their van and able to hear them scream at night.  This makes sense in SOME situations but please, not really in Australia and definitely not in a nice family-friendly BIG 4.


  1. The best campsites are always the furthest away from the amenities.

We always try super hard to park as far away as possible from other people in campgrounds.  They don’t want to see us drinking beer in our undies and we don’t want to hear their TV.  At reception, we ask for the park map and have a look, 80% of the time the non-powered sites are on the fringes of the park, and hopefully, the park is bordering a national park or some other type of greenery (just check it’s not a main road which is also often the case!).  Ask for the overflow area, the area that fills up the last.  The only problem – these spots are always the furthest away from the amenities, the toilets, and the camp kitchen.  Which means a longer walk in the middle of the night for a week.  DAMN.

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  1. The time-consuming process of checking into campgrounds.

Although I may take some blame for being particular about the camping spot selection and revisiting it multiple times.  The question remains: Are all the formalities necessary for a short one or two-night stay during a road trip? The process of form filling, key deposit, boom gate codes, and checking on-site restaurant opening times might feel burdensome. Furthermore, do you REALLY need my DOB, email address, colour of my van, and blood type? I’m essentially only parking my vehicle here for a night. Even Airbnb doesn’t ask for half of this crap!


  1. Campsites that are way too close together and have no barrier between them.

Plant trees or try topiary for privacy and noise reduction from neighbouring campsites, creating a better camping experience. After all, who wants to hear their neighbours snoring at night or feel crammed into a crowded carpark-like space with minimal facilities? These types of campgrounds can often give the impression of being solely designed as money-making traps.

For more information on how to find a great camping spot every time without complaints, read our positive and proactive blog on How to Find the Best Camping Spot here. Alternatively, consider using the WikiCamps app, even if it requires a small investment.