Camping Recipe: Quick and Easy Haloumi Burgers

Haloumi Burger Recipe

Who doesn’t love grilled cheese that’s golden and gooey? These burgers are quick, easy and filling and exactly what you need to fill your stomach after a day on the road or exploring. It’s a go-to camping recipe and one to save.


250gm haloumi (sliced)

One lemon

One tbsp olive oil

Four brioche buns or rolls of choice

Four tbsp hummus or tzatziki dip

One large tomato

One red onion

One Lebanese cucumber

One butterhead lettuce

Spinach or rocket


Drizzle olive oil onto a barbeque hot plate or frying pan. Add sliced haloumi, squeeze lemon juice over them and cook until golden on both sides. This should only take two or three minutes on each side.

Split brioche buns or rolls and toast, and beware they can burn easily. Spread buns with hummus or tzatziki, add sliced tomatoe, red onion and cucumbers and finish with lettuce, spinach or rocket. Really you could add whatever you like vegetable wise – avocado, red pepper, mushroom or what is in the fridge.

Top with a lid of the bun and that’s it! Delicious and fast…


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