Camping Spot Review – Blackwood Mineral Springs Campground

Nestled in the heart of Victoria, the tiny town of Blackwood holds a treasure trove of delights for campers seeking a serene escape. From its charming old buildings and cozy cottages to the warm embrace of its local pub, this hidden gem has it all. Our recent camping trip to Blackwood left us pleasantly surprised by its abundant offerings and picturesque surroundings.

Location – Conveniently Accessible:

Just a 1 hour 15 minutes drive from both Melbourne and Geelong, Blackwood is easily accessible for a quick weekend getaway. The town also serves as an excellent base for exploring nearby attractions, with Daylesford only 30 minutes away and Trentham a mere 10-minute drive – both destinations well worth the visit.

The Best of Blackwood:

The delightful surprises began to unfold as we explored the town. Beautiful old buildings and cottages lend an air of nostalgia, creating a quaint atmosphere that instantly transports you to simpler times.

The heartwarming hospitality of the local pub, a mere 5-minute stroll from our campground, enveloped us in its cozy charm. We enjoyed live music on Friday nights, making our evenings truly magical.

For coffee lovers like us, the cute general store provided a delightful morning ritual with its great coffee, delectable snacks, and wood-fired pizzas. All within a short 5-minute walk from our campsite – what a treat!

Nature’s Bounty:

Blackwood’s allure extends beyond its charming town center. The presence of mineral springs and a beautiful open garden adds a touch of tranquility to the whole experience. Exploring the natural wonders and taking in the peaceful surroundings left us rejuvenated and in awe of nature’s bounty.

The Perfect Campground:

We chose to camp in the ‘bush camping’ spot, one of the two available options in the area. This decision proved to be an excellent choice. The bush camping spots were nothing short of wonderful – protected, private, and set amidst grassy landscapes. The added convenience of clean, well-maintained toilets made our stay even more enjoyable.

The icing on the cake was the proximity to the picturesque watering hole and mineral springs. Just a 2-minute walk from our campsite, we were blessed with a perfect oasis to unwind and connect with nature.

Our Campervan Haven:

Our campervan was our sanctuary throughout this delightful journey. Set against the serene backdrop of Blackwood, it provided the perfect home away from home. The campervan’s set-up blended harmoniously with the idyllic landscape, creating a sense of contentment and joy.

In conclusion, Blackwood exceeded all expectations, offering an enchanting blend of historical charm, natural wonders, and warm hospitality. For those seeking a weekend escape from the hustle and bustle, this tiny town promises a delightful respite. Embrace the beauty, relish the tranquility, and let Blackwood weave its magic on your soul. Happy camping!