Free camping essentials

Folding camping bucket

This is our ultimate list of  necessities for those planning on doing some isolated bush camping:

  • Lighting: a good lamp for continuing your outside activities after dark is essential.
  • Torches: we seem to have an obsession with torches. We have x4 in our campervan; 2 tiny ones easily accessible from the bed for when you need to get up at night but don’t want to wake the other person, a head torch for night time toilet trips and the newest addition: an extremely big, heavy and powerful Maglite which is half for security and half for fun when busting nocturnal animals creeping around our campsite in the dark.
  • At least 2 buckets (preferably foldable!) for dirty dishes, clean dishes, carrying dishes, washing clothes, using your portable shower etc. The list goes on.
  • First aid kit.
  • Lots and lots of large garbage bags to take your rubbish home with you.
  • Cleaning products for dishes, surface spray, sponges etc.
  • Warm clothes.
  • A big citronella mozzie candle.
  • If you can, remember to buy some dry timber before you reach your destination if you plan on having a fire there. You may not be able to buy timber when you get there (or it may be grossly overpriced!).
  • Lots and lots of lighters/packs of matches.
  • A small dustpan (for sweeping dirt and sand out of your caravan or campervan).
  • A portable/retractable clothes line.
  • Tins of food and packets of pasta, rice etc.
  • A bag of marshmallows or preferably 3.

Do you have anything to add to this list?  Please let us know below!

Camping Resources – a guide

So you’ve looked at caravans and campervans for sale. You’ve bought your beast. Now comes the fun part – planning your trip! After years of camping around Australia and talking to fellow campers we’ve compiled the ultimate list of websites, apps and books to help you plan where to stay and just as importantly find a good place to stay when you haven’t planned.


  • This Airbnb style website for campers is new so check back soon as more and more members/campsites are being added daily
  • If you have a Facebook account, it’s always useful to join a camping group relevant to the state you’re in. You can ask questions regarding areas you are planning to travel and get advice and recommendations from likeminded campers and friendly locals.
  • A great website for finding a campsite close by when you’re already on the road
  • If you are looking for a last minute stopover or somewhere you will go unnoticed for the night, try searching your intended location on Google Earth and zooming in on the area. You can then work out areas that are less built up and even pin point dead end streets or carparks near a cliff, beach, bush area etc.


  • We have had lots of great feedback on the Wikicamps Australia app, which can be downloaded to your smartphone or iphone.


Untitled Untitled2

  • The best camping Australia publisher has to be Explore Australia. If you love National Parks check out their ‘Explore Australia’s National Parks’ book. It’s big in size but has great info on walks, wildlife, camping and everything in between.
  • A good all round campground directory to have is Explore Australia’s ‘Camping Around Australia’. It’s a large book and doesn’t go into a lot of detail on each campground but is a great directory to keep in your campervan.
  • If you want something more specific and are only going to be visiting one state or stretch of coast Explore Australia have a ‘best of’ for each state which go into much more detail and are thankfully a lot smaller in size!
  • (Again, Explore Australia) have a great ‘foodies’ guide to road tripping Australia. It’s called ‘Gourmet Touring around Australia’ and covers off all things food from farmers markets and stalls, take away shops and cafes to five star dining.

If you know of a great camping resource that we haven’t covered here please share it with us. Email

Happy Vanning :>