Choosing the right bike rack for your VW Campervan

Let us help you choose the right bike rack for your VW Campervan!

Here at Achtung Camper we often get asked about what is the right bike rack for our VW campervan.  The weight of e-bikes, ease of use, access to the rear of your Campervan and securing the bike from opportunistic theft when you are out travelling are important considerations.

At Achtung Camper, we have trawled forums, websites and asked a few experts (including Achtung Camper owners who have tried and tested these products) and we have some found some great solutions for transporting your bike on your next campervan trip.

To get the ball rolling you need to consider a few questions first.

  • How many bikes do you need to mount?
  • The weight of your bikes (E-bikes can be up to 13kg or more!). Keep in mind that some bike racks don’t necessarily specify the number of bikes that it might carry but rather is based on the weight overall.
  • Do you need theft protection built into your racks?

So, let’s set the scene first. There are two standard ways you can mount your bike onto your van – a tailgate option or a towbar mount.

Tailgate mounted 

When it comes to tailgate mounted bike racks, we have been using the Thule WanderWay 2 trunk bike rack, which has a raised platform and is designed for the Volkswagon T6. This rack is super easy to mount and use and the raised design ensures that your plate and rear lights are always visible.  You can also remove this rack when you are not needing to transport your bike/s.


  • The platform folds up vertically against the van when not in use
  • You can open the tailgate while bikes are stored on the bike rack however someone will need to hold the tailgate up (while the other gets what they need out of the van) as the van’s gas struts will not hold up the weight of the tailgate/rack and bikes itself
  • Great security, it includes a lock that locks bikes onto the rack
  • Dedicated design for use on the VW T6.1
  • Includes wheel holders
  • No Tow Bar required

Weight Restrictions: 2 bike capacity can be adapted up to 4.  Max weight 30kg Per bike (2 bike),  20kg per bike (3 bike), 15kg per bike (4 bike).  Total max bike weight 60kg.

Total cost: $1300

Choosing the right bike rack for your VW Campervan

Towbar mounted  

The best towbar mounted option suited to the Transporter van is Yakima Fullswing. Its about 25kg and has a 68Kg load capacity. What are the perks of going with this option?


  • You can rack up your bikes and still open the tailgate easily to access the rear of your van
  • SKS Locks included; locks racks and bikes
  • Quick and easy assembly

Weight Restrictions: 4 bike capacity.  Max weight 18 kg per bike.  Total max bike weight 68 kg.

Price: $800

Price of tow bar (required): $1600

For further information on these bike racks, head to the following websites:


If you are seeking more help in choosing extra features to add to your van take a look at our blog.