Camping Essentials: Claudia’s Top Must-Pack

Claudia is our Human Resources star at Achtung Camper. She takes amazing care of our people in the shop and brings that same energy to her camping trips! Here are her top 5 camping essentials for when she hits the road.  

Mosquito repellent and itchy cream 

You want to enjoy the afternoons even if mosquitos are around, so repellent is super handy, and the itchy cream is a great backup in case the repellent doesn’t work. 


You expect to have the greatest time while camping but sometimes things don’t go as planned, particularly with kids. Panadol can save you (literal!) headaches, especially if there are no pharmacies close to where you’re camping. 

One roll of toilet paper 

From blowing your nose to cleaning spills, having a roll of toilet paper can be a lifesaver. You never know when you might need it!  


A simple snack that’s popular with kids and helps to calm the hunger (I think that is the definition of camping essentials!). It can be a game changer to keep the kids happy while you’re whipping up tea! 

Extra pair of shoes 

Traveling light is great, you never know which adventures are ahead of you. I always carry an extra pair of shoes per family member in case the ones we wear get wet and take a while to dry out.