Cumberland River Campground Review

This is undoubtedly one of the most breathtaking spots to camp in Victoria, with shear cliffs framing a river upon which you can camp on its bank.  The perfect beach is only a minute’s walk away (although you need to cross the busy Great Ocean Road so take care of your children!).  Cumberland River Campground is undoubtedly in a beautiful, world-class location.

There are a number of walks starting from the campground, ranging from 30 minutes return to full-day walks.  We loved the walk to Jebb’s pool which was close by and a great place for a cool, shady swim.

The campground:

The setting is world-class, but the campground falls short – showers cost 20 cents for 5 minutes, which isn’t an issue if you’re prepared, but we were unaware and lacked enough 20-cent coins for daily showers. Adding to the inconvenience, the reception was also ‘out’ of 20-cent pieces throughout our three-day stay. This was problematic as the nearest place to get change was Lorne.

Lorne itself is a beautiful place to visit and well worth the windy 20-minute drive.  It has a number of hatted Melbourne restaurants and some super cute cafes, plus some great bookshops and gift shops

There is VERY limited power and running water at this campground, which didn’t bother us however it might if you are not ready for a self-sufficient stay.  All in all, our biggest issue with the campground was the lack of shade/trees and that the camp spots were mostly just dirt and not grass-covered – making it hard to keep things clean.

Location – Cumberland River is about 10 minutes drive past Lorne, and 2 hours and 10 minutes from Melbourne.  The distance and amenities make it great for a long weekend.


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