DIY Audio Tour Guide – the new way to road trip

DIY Tourguide is a handy audio tour which is super easy to use and a great way to learn about the places you are driving through on your road trip in Australia.  

The audio tour tells you all about the region and the best places to visit. It also tells you about the history, where you should stop along the way to see things and gives you lots of interesting facts!  

The audio tourguide allows you to stop anywhere you want and then resume playing when you’re ready to start again (very handy when you want to stop for lunch or run to the toilet). 

All audio tours are currently available on CD or as an MP3 download. There are free samples online, however to get the full audio it costs $17 – $40 depending on the destination. It’s still cheaper than a full paid personal tour, plus you can go at your own pace (it’s also more Covid safe than sitting on a bus with a whole lot of strangers!)  

We loved using this self-drive audio tour when driving the 460km from Alice Sprints to Uluru. The audio tour went for 160 minutes.

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