Film faced birch ply – lasting the distance

Due to its versatility and enduring appeal, film-faced birch ply has become a favoured choice for cabinetry in bars, restaurants, cafes, and shops worldwide for over a decade. That’s why we have incorporated it into our cabinetry options Here at Achtung Camper.

Architects like 6 Degrees have embraced film-faced birch ply in their award-winning Australian designs, further fueling its popularity. The material’s vast colour choices allow for diverse interior styles, whether modern, retro, natural, or quirky.

In Achtung Camper’s campervans, film-faced birch ply serves multiple purposes. The use of this versatile material extends beyond creating stylish and contemporary interiors; its hardwearing qualities make it a durable and resilient choice, capable of withstanding the test of time, even after years of use in grungy bars and high-traffic areas. As a material that has been popular for over a decade, contributing to its timeless trend, film-faced birch ply adds a touch of sophistication and functionality to the campervans’ cabinetry choices. Whether it’s the sleek and modern look, a touch of retro charm, or a natural and earthy vibe, film-faced birch ply effortlessly achieves the desired aesthetic, making it a favored and enduring choice for Achtung Camper’s campervans.

Film-faced plywood offers a variety of colours and durability, making it ideal for campervan interiors. Achtung Camper can create timeless and sleek black film-faced interiors or retro and lively yellow ones based on clients’ preferences. For a durable and trendy campervan interior, film-faced birch ply is the material of choice.

For more information on the film-faced plywood used by Achtung Camper, visit their supplier’s website Here. Discover how this material adds flair and durability to their innovative campervan designs. Check out our range Here.