No campervans for sale?

Not to worry – our main business is campervan conversion which is the same thing but better as you can choose your conversion features and colour scheme to suit YOUR travelling style.  Contact us to find out how we can help you from the first step of the process to driving your completed campervan away on your first trip!

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  1. Fiona Ludbrook
    Fiona Ludbrook says:

    Hi, I am currently considering buying a good used campervan along the nature lovers style or buying a used van and fitting it out. What would it cost for you to fit out a used van for me. I prefer to have a bucket style potti, rather than a chemical based one, but would like storage. I don’t particularly want a bathroom. I also prefer cooking on a metho based stove rather than using gas.I want a van that is small enough to park in a standard car parking space, with a comfortable seat for my medium sized dog. I definately want solar and wifi connections for off grid camping and work. I also don’t want a super high bed to climb in and out of. If I was to buy a good used van, How much does conversion cost.


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