The Ultimate List of Free Camping Necessities for Isolated Bush Camping

Are you planning a free camping adventure in the isolated bush? Well, you’re in luck! In this blog post, we have compiled the ultimate list of camping necessities to guarantee a comfortable and enjoyable experience. From essential lighting and cleaning products to warm clothes and tasty treats, these items will make your free camping trip truly unforgettable. So, without further ado, let’s dive in and explore the must-have essentials for your bush camping escapades!

What do we need?

1. Lighting:

A good lamp is essential for outdoor activities after dark.

2. Torches:

Multiple torches come in handy, including small ones near the bed, a head torch for night-time trips, and a powerful Maglite for security and nocturnal animal sightings.

3. Foldable Buckets:

At least two foldable buckets serve various purposes like dishwashing, laundry, and carrying items.

4. First Aid Kit:

Always have a well-equipped first aid kit for any unexpected situations.

5. Garbage Bags:

Bring plenty of large garbage bags to ensure you can properly dispose of your rubbish.

6. Cleaning Products:

Pack cleaning essentials like dishwashing liquid, surface spray, and sponges for maintaining cleanliness.

7. Warm Clothes:

Don’t forget to pack warm clothing for chilly nights and cooler weather.

8. Citronella Mosquito Candle:

Keep pesky mosquitoes at bay with a large citronella candle.

9. Dry Timber:

If you plan on having a fire, buy dry timber in advance, as it may not be available or overpriced at your destination.

10. Lighters/Matches:

Ensure you have plenty of lighters or packs of matches to start fires and light gas appliances.

11. Small Dustpan:

A small dustpan comes in handy for sweeping dirt or sand out of your caravan or campervan.

12. Portable/Retractable Clothesline:

Dry your clothes easily with a portable or retractable clothesline.

13. Canned Food and Non-Perishable Items:

Stock up on tinned food, pasta, rice, and other non-perishable items for easy meals.

14. Marshmallows:

Don’t forget to pack a bag of marshmallows for a delicious campfire treat.

Remember, this list can be expanded based on your travel style and mode of transportation. Camping in a tent? You may need additional items for comfort. Travelling in a caravan or motorhome? Many of the essentials mentioned above may already be included.

Embarking on a free camping trip in the isolated bush promises an incredible adventure. By making sure you have these essential items, you’ll be fully equipped for a comfortable and enjoyable experience. But wait, we want to hear from you too! Are there any other items you would add to this list? Share your thoughts and camping essentials in the comments below. Wishing you a fantastic and happy camping experience!