Fridge options for your Campervan

We know how confusing it can be to decide what fridge to get in your campervan so we’re going to break it down for you so you can understand the difference between each fridge.

Firstly, the most important question….

Will your campervan be a Long Wheel Base or Short Wheel Base?

The answer to this question will determine to an extent the fridge that will fit in your campervan.

If you are getting a SWB campervan the only fridge size that will fit will be a 50 litre due to the shorter length of the van.

If you’re getting a LWB campervan you can choose between a 50 L, 65 L and 80 L fridge.


50 Litre Fridge

This fridge can fit in either a SWB or LWB campervan. This is the standard fridge size offered in our campervan conversions and (having used one on longer trips with a toddler on board) we do believe this size will suffice on the majority of camping trips.

Dimensions: 380 x 534 x 500 mm

vw campervan for sale
50 L Fridge (SWB campervan)


vw campervan for sale
50 L Fridge (LWB campervan)


65 Litre Fridge

This fridge can ONLY fit in a LWB campervan.
Dimensions: 448 x 525 x 545 mm

vw campervan for sale
65 L Fridge



80 Litre Fridge

This fridge can ONLY go in a LWB campervan.
Dimensions: 475 x 640 x 528 mm


fridge options for campervans
80 L Fridge

Drawer Fridges
If you don’t think the above will suffice we also offer an additional 20 litre Drawer Fridge which we can fit either inside or accessible from under the tailgate depending on your campervan size and feature choices.


Fridge Interior
All three fridge sizes have the same interior layout. The side door has a shelf at the bottom to hold drinks and a little component at the top to hold eggs, cheese and everything small.

The main section of the fridge has a controlled fan speed to reduce noise. The layout of the fridge is similar to your fridge at home, with a few shelves/racks and a crisper at the bottom for veggies.

The best thing about these fridges is they have a removable freezer compartment at the top. It’s super handy to keep frozen food or ice cream and when you don’t need it you can take it out and make the fridge area even bigger.

You’ll be amazed at how much you can fit in these fridges. If you want to see what we can fit in our 65 L fridge click on our video link below.

fridge option for campervan
80 L Fridge (LWB)

What if I don’t always use the fridge or I’m using my van purely as a passenger vehicle for a while?
Once you finish travelling there’s a defrost button inside the fridge. There’s also a little plug at the bottom of the fridge where you can let out the water, it then drains outside your campervan through a custom-built outlet.

If you only use your van occasionally, the fridge also has a vent. When you aren’t using the fridge turn on the vent function. This locks the front fridge door ajar to ensure air flow when not turned on, this prevents mould and bad smells.

We hope you’re now less confused about your campervan refrigeration options. For further information about the fridge’s we use visit the link below and scroll down to the Dometic Coolmatic fridges. You can also click ‘compare’ and find out the exact difference from net weight to performance details. Click here: