Green Camping: Achtung Camper’s Eco-Friendly Features

This one is for our environmentally aware explorers. Are you keen to hit the road, whilst minimising your carbon footprint? We’ve got you… Buckle up and learn more about our eco-friendly features that are kind to our planet.

More Than a Ride

Are you getting left behind in today’s pro-green world? These days sustainability and green choices should be front and centre with your thoughts and actions. Most people are increasingly adjusting their habits to make environmentally aware purchases. We are conscious travellers and constantly exploring the best and greenest options for our vans. Keep in mind this is an area we are growing and there are more changes on the way.

Eco-Friendly Features

  • Solar Power
    The power of the sun is integrated into our vans via rooftop solar panels. These sleek additions keep your gadgets and appliances charged but also reduce the reliance on traditional energy sources. You can also travel to remote places and be self-sufficient.
  • Recycled Materials
    Our fabric partners Warwick Fabrics incorporate recycled textiles and materials into their range. The cabinetry is made from both recycled and responsibly-sourced timber, and available as a transparent look, white or black.
  • Water Wise
    Water is a precious resource, which is why we incorporate efficient tapware from Kombi Life in our vans.
  • Waste Not
    Nature’s Head Composting Toilet in Achtung Camper Motorhomes converts human waste into compost for gardens. This means that only does it provide rich goodness for plants, but it uses less water and energy than a typical toilet. Now we are talking…
  • Green Machines
    Achtung Camper Campervans are converted from Volkswagen Transporters and Mercedes-Benz Vitos. Both Transporters and Vitos boast fuel-efficient engines with low emissions, which means these road warriors are reducing their carbon footprint as best they can.
  • Energy Efficient
    From LED lighting to energy-efficient refrigeration, our vans are reducing their power source. Our choice of high quality lithium batteries, such as Allion will typically outlast four AGM batteries the equivalent size. Expect up to 3000 deep cycles compared to 700 to 800 cycles. Lithium batteries are faster to charge, offer a longer life cycle which means reduced overall waste and therefore a sustainable choice, plus it is lightweight and has its own built-in battery management system
  • Recycled Insulation
    The walls and floors are lined with Polyester Solutions PolyBatts for insulation from Pricewise Insulation. These thermal batts and rolls are non-irritant, non-toxic, require no protective clothing, will not corrode over time and made from 80 per cent of recycled fibres.


Investing in an Achtung Campervan or Motorhome, is not only about buying a vehicle you are joining a community of like-minded adventurers and conscious campers. If treading lightly on our planet is important to you, then check back in regularly because we are committed to championing eco-friendly choices and mindful partnerships.

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Happy vanning…