HELP I want to go camping over a long weekend or school holiday period

Not to worry, there are still PLENTY of amazing spots you can park your campervan and camp during a long weekend, but you’ll have to think more free camping than paid Caravan Parks and be OK with camping without facilities other than what you BYO.

Here are some ideas on how to find a good camping spot at the last minute or during busy holiday times:

Download the Wiki camps app (it’s worth 10 times what you will pay for it).

If you have Facebook join up to our group ‘The Best Free Camping Spots in Victoria’. You can ask questions, share spots or just get some good ideas from others.

Check out the website which which is an airbnb style website but for campers.

A good option is always a beach/coast/riverside carpark or clearing (which may also be near public toilets/shower/picnic tables/public BBQ facilities if you don’t have your own).   We explore an area before arriving there and pick out a few potential spots by looking on Google Earth and zooming in to check out areas that are beach or river side and look quite isolated.

Please share your tips on how to camp over a long weekend with us below.

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