Last-Minute Camping: Finding Amazing Spots for Long Weekends

Finding a great camping spot during long weekends can be challenging, especially if you prefer free camping and are open to camping without facilities. In this blog post, we’ll share some tips and resources to help you discover fantastic camping spots even at the last minute or during busy holiday times.

1. Utilize the WikiCamps App:

Download the WikiCamps app, a valuable resource that provides information on camping spots, both free and paid. This app offers user reviews, photos, and detailed descriptions of various camping locations, making it a go-to tool for finding suitable spots.

2. Join Facebook Groups:

Join Facebook groups like “The Best Free Camping Spots in Victoria” to connect with fellow campers. These groups allow you to ask questions, share recommendations, and gather ideas from experienced campers who know the best spots in the area.

3. Explore Home-Camp Website:

Check out websites like Home-Camp, which functions similarly to Airbnb but specifically caters to campers. This platform allows campers to rent private properties or unique camping spots, expanding their options beyond traditional campgrounds.

4. Beaches, Coastlines, and Riverside Clearings:

Consider beach, coastline, and riverside carparks or clearings as potential camping spots. These areas often offer isolation and scenic beauty. Additionally, some may have nearby public toilets, showers, picnic tables, or BBQ facilities for added convenience.

5. Use Google Earth:

Before arriving at a potential camping spot, use Google Earth to explore the area virtually. Zoom in and look for beach or riverside locations that appear isolated and promising. This visual research can help you identify potential spots with desirable features.


Camping during long weekends is still possible, even if you prefer free camping and are willing to forgo amenities. By utilizing resources like the WikiCamps app, joining relevant Facebook groups, exploring Home-Camp, and conducting virtual research using Google Earth, you can discover amazing camping spots even at the last minute. Embrace the freedom and adventure of free camping while enjoying the natural beauty of your chosen destination.

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