Camping Activities: Hiking Tips For Campervanners

One of our all-time favourite activities on the road is hiking.

It’s such a great activity because the bar to entry is relatively low. All you really need for hiking while campervanning is a good attitude and a willingness to hop on board the heel toe express!  

When travelling to new areas it can be hard to pin down which hikes are appropriate for the people in your group. If you travel with a toddler (like us) then not all hikes are going to be great for your little one. Sometimes you’re travelling alone and want to ensure that the trail you pick will be moderately trafficked so you can feel a little bit safer knowing that there will be others hiking alongside you as well. 

The perfect solution to this problem? The All Trails app 

All Trails has been around for over a decade and has over 200,000 hand-curated trail maps. There are trails for all hiking proficiency levels. Whether you’re a beginner who is looking for more of a stroll or a weathered hiking expert looking for a new peak to conquer, All Trails will have what you’re looking for.  

Another thing we love about the app is that there are 25 million users, so the community is strong. You can read reviews from other hikers, post photos of your own hikes and connect over your love of the outdoors!  

The top feature that we think campervanners will love about All Trails is that if you purchase the Pro version of the app, you can download trail maps in advance of your departure. This means that if you find yourself hiking in a spot without cell connection, the map will be downloaded to your phone, so you won’t need a connection to access it. This could be lifesaving if you find yourself a little bit lost, there will be no need to worry because your map is still with you even if the 4G isn’t.  

If you’re looking for a gift for the hikers in your life, we recommend gifting them All Trails Pro. It’s an affordable and unique gift that any adventurous campervanner will appreciate!