Here are our tips on how to get the best camping spot in a paid campground:

  1. Be friendly, clear and descriptive with the reception staff. Tell them exactly how many days you’ll be staying and what you want out of your camping spot – quiet, close to the bathrooms, private, close to the beach etc. Otherwise they’ll likely assume you WANT to be right next to the toilet block, playground etc.
  2. Ask reception staff to mark any spots that are available for your stay on a park map (and ask them which they think would suit your needs/description above).
  3. Have a good look at the (most likely unreadable and badly photocopied) map and work out:
    • Where the toilets are (it’s nice to be close but not TOO close or you’ll be woken by people all night).
    • Where the tent area is (these are often groups of ‘younger’ people or backpackers who are likely to be noisier, try to keep away).
    • Where the main roads are (try to avoid parking near main roads or roads that visitors use to enter/exit the park).
    • Where the playground is (some kids get up super early, if you want to sleep in stay away!).

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4. If you are staying more than a few nights you might take the time to scope out the park/spots on the map on foot or with your van BEFORE you commit to one at reception when checking in. Most staff will let you take a look around and come back once you’ve decided on a spot that you like.

5. Once you’ve decided on your spot check that your neighbours look good (read: quiet!). We avoid:

  • Anyone with a baby or kids under 5.
  • P plater cars.
  • Groups of young people.

Got some tips on how to find the best camping spot in a paid campground?  Please comment below and we’ll update our blog accordingly!  For more information on the above topic read about What to Avoid When Looking for the Perfect Camping Spot.  Cars Guide has also done a great article here.