Power Source: ALLiON Lithium Batteries

Introducing ALLiON Lithium Batteries.

You have the option of choosing either one of our standard AGM batteries or one of our new Lithium batteries when purchasing an Achtung Camper.

Reputable Australian business R&J Batteries supplies both. R&J Batteries.

Introducing Allion

The Allion Lithium battery comes with some exciting new features including:

  1. Compared to other AGM batteries, the Allion weighs 60% less.

  2. With LiFePO4 Technology the battery runs at a cooler operating temperature.

  3. The higher charge acceptance LiFePO4 technology means that a battery can be charged safely & efficiently in less than 3 hours.
  4. The Onboard Battery Management System within AlliON Batteries protects the battery if problems occur.

Furthermore, the standard AGM batteries are equipped with features such as:

  1. Available in 6 and 12-volt models, R&J Deep Cycle Batteries have sizes to suit the most popular deep cycle or industrial applications. Providing auxiliary power for campers, these Deep Cycle Batteries will offer true value over their lifetime.

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