Camping Essentials with Kerrie

Kerrie is here to share her camping essentials! She is Achtung Camper’s woman of all trades. She is our in-house accounts and inventory manager, but you’ll often find her out back in the workshop helping the team build our awesome campervans and motorhomes.  

She camps with three (not so little) kids, so her family packs accordingly! 

  1. Pillows

    These are at the top of the list for a reason! We forgot them once and can assure you that a rolled-up t-shirt doesn’t do the trick. This is the first thing we put in the car to make sure they’re never left behind! 

  2. LED Lighting Kit & Handy Pack Battery 

    Kids & adults alike prefer to see any guide tent ropes at night rather than finding them by landing face-first in the dirt! These are also super helpful if you arrive to your campsite a little later than expected and need to shine a little light on the situation! 

  3. Slip on shoes

    No matter how old your kids get, there will always be one who needs to get up in the middle of the night and head to the loo. These slip-on shoes will make it an easy exit for them so you might not get woken up asking where the shoes are (but don’t quote us on it!). 

  4. Snacks, drinks & a good book

    Snacks & drinks will ensure that you get a little peace & quiet to read your good book! We like to bring an e-reader. Not only is it far more lightweight than lugging along a whole heap of books, but you can hook up your library card and borrow e-books instead of buying!  

  5. A sense of adventure

    Next to pillows, this is the most important thing to ensure that we’ve packed. The best adventures are the unexpected ones! Be open to getting lost, trying something new and exploring off the beaten path. 

These camping essentials will set you up for success on your next campervan trip!