Lucy 1 and Lucy 2

Have you ever read a camping story that totally brought a smile to your face?  Well, if you haven’t, this fabulous story about one of our clients certainly brought a smile to our faces!

At the end of the millennium way back in the year of 1999, our clients Loulou and Jonny departed the UK on their first world trip.  Loulou and Jonny’s first port of call was sunny South Africa, but inevitably their travels ended up in Australia with steamy Darwin as their very first stop.  It was at this very fortunate moment, that they encountered a magnificent bright orange coloured 1973 VW Kombi Van complete with pop-top roof.  It is very likely that this van had already done a few laps of the wide brown land of Oz.

Loulou and Jonny immediately snapped her up, and affectionately named her Lucy.

Vw Campervan for sale                                                                                  VW Campervan for sale

They headed off into the world’s biggest back yard and many adventures plus 12,000 miles later,  they parted company with this most precious of vans in Melbourne. Lucy continued her journey with two further sets of backpackers, adding many more miles and happy memories for her subsequent owners.

Meanwhile (thanks to the lovely Lucy) Loulou and Jonny had totally fallen in love with Australia.  They decided to leave the UK and permanently make a new life for themselves down under, starting a new small business and a family (and finally settling in the beautiful Bayside area of Melbourne, Victoria).

Fast forward to 2021, Jon and Loulou found out about Achtung Camper.  The VW camper bus ‘bug’ had never left them, and so they ordered a completely bespoke Achtung LWB van from our Showroom team in early 2021.

Enter stage right LUCY2  – Their very own beautiful Pure Grey Achtung Camper dream-van (complete with gorgeous Orange seating) which they are now able to share with their own little Aussie family!

A camper van Fairytale come true, if ever there was one.