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The Achtung Camper Motorhome, your hotel on wheels with all the comforts of home.

The Achtung Camper Motorhome has without a doubt the most thought-through layout on the market.  We’ve put our heads together with tiny home architect firm, Winter Architecture, and together delivered a six-metre motorhome that accommodates three passengers plus a driver, has a 1.95m x 1.75m sized north-south facing bed (that’s always made up) and a well-equipped kitchen and spacious 1.2m x .7m bathroom. It will take you off road and has all the comforts of home plus more.

What’s more, our motorhomes for sale have two separate indoor seating/eating areas with extensive permanent lounge seating made possible with our electric (or manual) roof bed.  Hopping into bed is now as easy as pressing a button! Call us on 03 5200 9185 to start the process.

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Choose your van

The Volkswagen Crafter is a quality made vehicle with a five year unlimited km warranty that has the capacity to go truly off road, the right vehicle to match our conversions in functionality and longevity.  Six metres is the optimum motorhome size; it fits in standard car spaces AND stores everything you need inside for a comfortable life on the road.

Order your new VW Crafter directly with us – unlike other motorhome conversion companies we don’t do packages so you don’t have to pay for a whole lot of vehicle extras you’ll never use.  We’ll order you the Volkswagen Crafter you want to your specific vehicle requirements.  Pay your $10,000 vehicle deposit and your van is ordered and on its way.  Alternatively you can check out our motorhomes for sale.

Not sure? Call us on 03 5200 9185 to find out more.

VW Motorhome kitchen


Choose your Motorhome features

You’ve ordered your van – now it’s time to build your own motorhome!  At Achtung Camper, we understand that everyone travels differently, so all of our motorhome features are optional.  Tailor your motorhome to your travelling style by choosing only the features you’ll use and none that you won’t!

Not sure? Call us on 03 5200 9185 to find out more.

Motorohome fabric

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Choose your colours


At no extra cost you can be your own interior designer by choosing the colour scheme for your motorhome.  Suit your style and choose from an array of colour options for your upholstery, cabinetry, walls, keyline…. The list goes on. Think of the possibilities!

Upholstery – choose any heavy domestic or commercial fabric from the yellow or orange price ranges.
Cabinetry keyline – Choose any colour you can think of for the thin line that runs between the bench top and cabinetry beneath it.
Cabinetry – Choose the colour for your cabinetry, and another for your bench top.
Interior lining/carpet – Choose from a range of neutrals for the walls/interior.

Talk to us about having your motorhome personalised on the outside to match the unique style of your motorhome interior.  We have loads of motorhomes for sale, but no two are ever the same!

Not sure? Call us on 03 5200 9185 to find out more.