Nerida’s Camping Essentials

Nerida is our camping (plus sales, office and business managing) expert which is why she’s the perfect person to chat with you about your camping/campervan needs! We’ve asked her to tell us her top 5 personal must-have camping products that are essentials in making sure you have the best camping trip. Here goes!


Head Torch

A big must have camping accessory! Perfect for finding your way around the campsite at night, finding your way to the toilet when it’s dark and in providing light to spot nocturnal wildlife.


Collapsible bucket & cooking pot/s

SeaToSummit X Pot is a handy camping essential as it’s a great size and saves space in your van. The collapsible pot acts as both a pot and a bowl! You can cook your favourite stir-fry and eat it right out of the pot. Easy and saves washing even more dirty dishes. For more information visit – https://seatosummit.com/product/x-pot/


Uno cards and chess set

A game when camping is always fun and for some it’s a tradition to whip out the Uno cards for a few hours. Perfect for passing time when the sun’s gone down or the conversation has dried up…(never!)



Who doesn’t love snacking on nuts!?

This is a great go-to food when you’re hungry and on the road wanting a little snack to share (or not) or just to have in the evening with a sundowner.

Nerida’s all-time favourite nut recipe is Annabel Crabb’s spicy nuts!


To view the recipe click here – https://hazelverden.wordpress.com/2016/01/09/annabels-spicy-nuts/


We hope these camping essentials are helpful and give you some ideas of things to pack on your next camping trip!


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