Rolling Solo

Have we told you about the best thing we’ve discovered since our new Helinox Chair (another blog for this product!)?  If you are of female gender and love camping/campervanning and the great outdoors you are lucky enough to be eligible to join just about the best exclusive/inclusive community group in Australia.  Rolling Solo is online, offline & real time community that provides support, friendships, information and connections for independent female roadtrippers interested in camping, outdoor adventure & travel in Australia.

“Events, Social Catchup’s, Tagalong Trips & get together’s for members are the core of their existence.  We are a “sisterhood of the travelling vans!”

BUT you say, I love travelling on my own!  YES! But wouldn’t it be great to be part of a community of women just like you, located all around Australia that you can meet up, have a coffee, go roadtripping & camping with, or chat with online with anytime?

Roller catchups are happening every month in every state.  Making new friends has never been so easy.  When you all have the love of the outdoors, travel, roadtrips and camping in common new connections are effortless.

“Waiting for you are thousands of new friends are already out there in every town in Australia, you just haven’t met them yet!

Joining the Roller “tribe” gives you access all areas of our website. Exclusive invitation to our events, forums, groups, chat rooms, member store and discounts pages, classifieds, Roller Wiki and “secret” facebook group.

You will receive a personalised membership card with your official Rolling Solo member number, official roller bumper sticker with your number and a member lanyard display holder for events. Get unlimited access to the website, events, chat, classifieds, pitstops, discount camping and outdoor gear, partner discounts, access to all groups and activities . Membership works out to be $3.33 per month.

You’d be hard pressed to buy a decent coffee for that price!  But the value you will get by becoming member, making new lifelong friends, joining the fun and adventures together will be priceless.”

More information can be found at