Van Choices: Campervan or Motorhome

Is a Campervan or Motorhome right for you?

There’s no doubt about it, if you want a camping experience in nature, get a campervan.  Because the van is smaller you will spend more time ‘living’ outside, and isn’t this just the point of going camping?  Sure, it is, if the weather’s good!  In a motorhome, because the cooking is already set up inside you will prepare food and cook inside.  Sometimes you’ll even eat inside just because it’s easier than setting up camping chairs and tables outside…. If you are going away for a weekend or a few weeks and you want to ‘escape into nature’ you will get more of this experience in a campervan. 

So why would I buy a motorhome over a campervan?  Because having your own proper bathroom with a private toilet gives you ‘one less thing to think about’ on the road and when you are doing this longer term, you don’t want ongoing worry about where to pee!

There are also some craaazy people out there (and many of them my good friends!), who hate camping, or have never tried it, and don’t ever want to!  If this is you, a motorhome is your thing.  It’s your mini motel room on wheels.  It also gives you more floor space which means more ‘space’ in general if you are 2 or more people.  If the weather’s bad, 3 people could comfortably hang out all day in a motorhome, however in a campervan bad weather is going to affect you more.

The negatives of a motorhome are obviously the overall much higher cost to purchase initially plus the height meaning you can’t park in undercover parking.

The motorhome has a hot indoor shower which is great if the weather’s not, and if your caravan park facilities are less than ideal.  We do seem to use the hot outdoor shower more than the inside one (and this is available in both motorhomes and campervans).  No cleaning up and how often can you have a hot shower outside in nature?! (although don’t get me wrong, it takes about a minute to wipe the floor dry inside too!).  But truly, I would love to know, what percentage of motorhome owners actually use the shower inside their van often, if at all.   The general consensus seems to be, it’s just easier to use facilities where you are staying.  But if this is your plan, what’s the point of having a motorhome?


If you want to go camping, get a tent.  Or if you want to go camping in comfort and luxury – get a campervan. What about if you want to travel and sleep in nature in your own mini mobile home, get a motorhome.  If you are doing this longer term, if you want to spend months travelling in your van, the extra space and comforts that come with a motorhome make longer-term life on the road more sustainable, and if this is you – we’re super jealous, you’re living the dream – LUCKY YOU!

Hopefully, we have helped you figure out if a campervan vs a motorhome is what best suits your travel plans. View our range of vans here.

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