The differences between the TDI400 and TDI450

Recently VW brought out yet another new model for our beloved T6 – the TDI450. 

What is the TDI450 and is it worth the $6000 more you pay for this as opposed to the TDI400?  It’s another step up in power and torque (150kw, 450nm) but is more fuel efficient and economical than the others as it utilises newer engine technology. 

It also uses the AdBlue additive which gives it Euro6 emission compliance.  The AdBlue additive must be added from time to time but is not expensive, just something that needs to be added every 6000-8000 kms or so. 

The other differences between the TDI400 and TDI450 are as follows: 

  • TDI450 comes with the auto-emergency braking feature. 
  • TDI450 has buttons for cruise control on the steering wheel (instead of on the indicator stalk). 
  • TDI450 has a “speed limiter” function. 
  • TDI450 can be ordered with auto or manual transmission (the TDI400 can only be ordered in auto).