… Like a good recipe or the perfect holiday, the best camping spot in the world is a combination of many different components of various quality that can contribute to the overall experience plus a sprinkling of good luck (good weather please!). And of course, just like the perfect holiday or perfect recipe, many of these components are largely personal.

We’ve devoted many a blog to the never-ending list of what to avoid when looking for the perfect camping spot but how about for a moment dwelling on the bits that can go right (and often do!).

The best camping spot in the world

The non-negotiables:

For us, this is close and easy access to a beautiful beach – and if I’m going to be fussy I’ll say we have to be able to VIEW the beach from our campervan too!

A quiet, relatively private spot where we won’t be bothered by too many cars, people, being kept awake at night or woken too early in the morning. Some people love socialising. We like privacy and quiet (if you can go swimming naked it’s the right spot for us!).

The nice-to-haves for enjoyment (in order of importance!):

These are all, hopefully, within easy walking distance – if not, a short drive away:

A nice café.

A nice pub.

A playground.

The possibility to do any type of surfing.

A nice town to explore.

Walking tracks.

Mountain biking tracks.

The nice-to-haves for convenience:

Toilets super close.

A drink water tap super close.

Natural shade at the beach.

A good supermarket in easy walking distance/a short drive away.

Natural shade/and/or grass where your campervan is parked.

Cold/hot shower super close.

We are always searching for The Best Camping Spot in the World and have found many places that come close (Ulladulla Holiday Haven in NSW comes to mind, as does the tiny town of 1770 in Queensland) but would love to hear if you’ve found this perfect place, the holy grail of camping.

Please share your favourite camping spots with us, be it a paid campground or beach carpark, we’d love to know!