The new app that could save your life

If you’re looking for safety when camping, you can’t go past the ‘What3Words’ app. This wonderful app is new in Australia and it’s a life saver… literally!

What does ‘What3words’ mean?

This app can FIND a location and SHARE that location around the world with just three words. You simply type in three words to describe the location and the app will find the place within three square meters.

How to find a location?

When it is opened, it will come up with a map, you then click the search bar at the top.

new app
Start by clicking the search bar at the top.

Next type or use the microphone icon to search for a street address, the name of the place or use three words to describe the location. For example, we searched ‘camper’ and ‘Geelong’ (hoping to find us!).

new app
Describe the location or put in the address/name of the location.

We were lucky enough to appear at the top of the search! When you see the correct location, simply click it. The app will then bring up the map and show you the exact location within 3 square meters. To get directions to the location click navigate at the bottom task bar.

Click navigate at the bottom task bar to get directions to the location.

You can also zoom in and switch to satellite mode for a more realistic view (click the little coloured circle bottom right).

Click the circle button in the bottom right corner.

How to share your location?

Open the app and click on the search bar at the top. Search for three words to find your location (same as finding a location above). When you find your location, simply click the share button at the bottom left-hand corner of the task bar.

Click the share button in the bottom left corner.

It will then show you how you can share it. Select the app you want to use (email, messenger, text) and click on the contact you want to share the location with.

Click on the app/contact you wish to share with.

How to save your locations!
This can be handy if you want to remember the location. Simply select a square on the map and tap Save which is found on the task bar at the bottom.

Click on save at the bottom task bar in the middle.



Wha3words is FREE to download. The only downside is that you need reception to search the world map. This app is very helpful to locate lost people or broken-down vehicles.

Be the smart camper and download it today.


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